The word, in fact, can only be spoken and heard in silence, outward and inward. Ours is not an age which fosters recollection; at times one has the impression that people are afraid of detaching themselves, even for a moment, from the mass media. For this reason, it is necessary nowadays that the People of God be educated in the value of silence.  

--The Word of the Lord, Pope Benedict XVI


If you are looking at this page, you have probably been on a “Retreat Expedition” before at CYE.  We are excited to include in our schedule “Silent Directed Retreat Expeditions” because we have found that young people hunger for more silence, solitude, and communion with God.

Silent: A silence which is not only not speaking but of choosing who we speak with (God).  A silence which is not empty, but full of the presence of God.  You will notice on the itinerary that there isn't a lot "scheduled" so that you have more time on your own for prayer and rest in God.

Directed: You will meet with a spiritual director who will help guide you in your silent retreat.  They will help to guide you to listen and hear God speak in your time of silence, solitude, and stillness at SJFC.

Retreat: A time away, set apart, from the normal “hustle and bustle” of our world’s business and bombardment of noise, that we may come to hear God in the stillness and silence of our heart.

Expedition: With much of the familiarity of a regular retreat expedition… Outdoor adventure, hiking.  Journeying alongside other disciples who are seeking Christ.

Please fill out this application for a silent directed retreat expedition.  Once we have prayed through your application, we will then be in contact with you via email.  If you are ready to register for the silent retreat then we will send you the password to register for the silent retreat through the link at the bottom of this page that says "silent retreat registration".

 ***NOTE: Due to it being a “directed” silent retreat, and our number of directors available, each retreat will have a maximum of 12 retreatants, and a minimum of 5 retreatants, so apply early!***


Silent Directed Retreat Expedition Application

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