The Missionary Internship is our 9 month pre-formative intermediate Christian community that begins after one serves on summer staff.  It is 9 months of formation, prayer, and mission in the context of community led by priests and sisters.  An individual is often drawn to the internship by the mission of CYE itself, and then through prayer and formation, is set free to follow the Father's mission for them in their life.  This is the greatest gift of CYE summer staff and missionary internship.  A young person comes with a heart of apostolic fervor, receives a deepened love and knowledge of God, oneself, and human nature and by these means are set free to hear, trust and generously respond to God as He leads them on their journey of discipleship, wherever that may be.  So the Internship is not 9 months of discernment, nor 9 months of busy body service.  It is 9 months of formation of the whole person (The 4 pillars of formation being: Human, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Apostolic) in the context of our call to be missionaries-- Carriers of the love of God who are grounded in the Father's love, confident in the blood and mercy of Christ, and attune to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  

Interns will learn to give of themselves in the work and prayer of a missionary disciple.  This self-gift is first learned in the self-emptying love of the Trinity Whom is encountered daily in prayer,  fellow brothers and sisters in community, and in those we serve.  Interns will learn to give of themselves through community first, through the victories and challenges in the daily work of love-- to be a missionary begins to those closest to us.  Second, with the leaders of the community being priests and sisters, whose lives are dedicated to Christ and spreading His Gospel, Interns learn through watching (gifts and weaknesses) and through their help and direction.  Lastly Interns will learn to give of themselves through the actual manifestations of the mission and apostolate of CYE, not limited only to our ideal picture of a missionary, but also the behind the scenes, less glamorous, but more hidden works in the heart of Christ, for love of Him and for souls.

During the course of the year, Interns will live at Saint Joseph Formation Center and in Appleton next to Saint Pius X Parish.  The internship’s primary mission is to grow in a life of prayer, acquire a habit of intellectual formation, engage in the human formation of community life and live a missionary life of apostolic fervor.   Interns will begin the year with a 5 day silent directed retreat in late September.  They will then be responsible for helping with up to 26 expedition retreats in Door County and going on mission, primarily to young people within our diocese, walking with them in their journey of discipleship.  In addition to the apostolate, each week will include three days of classes (primarily on spiritual theology, lectio divina, and philosophy) and a “desert day” for prayer and leisure.   (Here is what a typical week looks like). 

If you are serious about going deeper in your relationship with the Lord through a sacramental encounter with the Living person of Jesus Christ, then this may be just the ticket.  Take a year off of school or take a year after school to put perspective on your life and ask the question, "Quo Vadis Domine?"  He will lead and you can follow if you have the courage and conviction to drop your nets for a catch.  Duc In Altum!