Being an expeditioner means having the courage to respond to God's call to be still and know that He is God and you are not. Retreat expeditions run year around. What you can expect: love, mercy, forgiveness, liturgical prayer, asceticism, communion, solidarity, & lots of time outdoors. What not to expect: ice-breakers, pampering, expensive stuff, easy answers & all the answers. Our retreat expeditions are the bread and butter of the apostolate and you can come on as many as you would like. Its so simple most people don't get it...sorta like God. Let's keep it simple!

Our expeditioners come to CYE by choice, and we love this! This gives the unique dynamic for all the young people who come. Please feel free to invite young people to join us on expedition, but we ask that you do not make it a requirement. Thank you!

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High School Expeditions

Students currently enrolled in high school who are in 9-12th grade may attend Fall-Spring expeditions. During the summer, high school expeditions are open to those who have FINISHED their 8th grade year, and are still open to those seniors who have graduated but are still 17 years of age. Per VIRTUS guidelines, any senior who has graduated high school and is 18 years old must attend a young adult expedition.

DATES  Oct 11-13,2019//Nov 15-17,2019//Dec 6-8,2019//Jan 24-26,2020//Feb 7-9,2020//Mar 27-29,2020


Young Adult Expeditions

Dates:  Oct 18-20,2019//Nov 22-24,2019//Jan 1-3,2020//Feb 28-30,2020//March 13-15,2020//April 9-11,2020 Triduum

Ages 18-29


Silent Retreat Expeditions: Young Adults

3-Day: Sept 27-29,2019//Oct 25-27,2019//Nov 29-Dec 1,2019//jan 31-Feb 2,2020// Mar 6-8,2020// April 17-19,2020

5-DAY: DEC 27-31, 2020 (Must have been on a previous silent directed retreat with CYE)

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Middle School Expedition

2020 Summer Date to Come



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