Praise the Lord!  Catholic Youth Expeditions Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation found in the official National Catholic Directory.  We rely solely upon individuals who believe in our mission, "To encounter Jesus Christ and foster Catholic Christian community through expedition retreats of prayer, proclamation of the Gospel and outdoor adventure."  Help us serve our youth in a new method, expression and ardor of the New Evangelization.   Our Board of Directors meets annually.  CYE , utilizes your gift DIRECTLY to helping our youth encounter the person of Jesus Christ.  As stewards of this vision of the New Evangelization, we are confident that your support coupled with our VISION & MISSION, will have a direct and immediate impact on bringing Christ to our youth.  We operate simply as a mission apostolate, not a program.  We are led by the Holy Spirit and the magisterium.  To know more here is our philosophy of charitable giving.  Please prayerfully help us to meet our monthly operating costs and move forward in faith with new initiatives!  THANK YOU & God bless!  Now and Forever!